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Hot Waxing

  • Preparation before hair removal:

  • Do not cut or remove any hair before your appointment. It is recommended that the length should be at least 0.5 cm. If it is too short, the wax will not be able to sustain and lack effectiveness.

  • Avoid using acid skincare products before hair removal. If you are currently using skincare products, such as salicylic acid, acid, fruit acid, mandelic acid... skincare products, we recommend a one-week period break before your appointment.

  • Hair removal requires healthy skin. Although the process of hot wax hair removal is subtle, we recommend performing such services when your skin is in normal condition. We also recommend not to remove any hair from sunburn or injured skin. It is necessary to wait for your skin to recover. Reschedule your appointment to make your hair removal process more relaxing.

  • Avoid making an appointment for hair removal before traveling, because it is not suitable to soak in soup immediately after hair removal and wear tight clothes and pants. It is recommended to make an appointment for hair removal 4-6 days before travel!

  • After Hair Removal

  • After the removal, areas of these parts will be more sensitive. Hands should be cleaned first to avoid any infection.

  • Avoid hot baths and any activities that may lead to sweating for the first day after.

  • For 3 days, don't wear tight clothes and pants, sunbathe, rub acid and other whitening products and antiperspirants for the time being, and don't go to public waters, such as swimming pools, seasides, hot springs.

  • After 5 days, everything is back to normal and you can start exfoliating with a mild exfoliating product to avoid folliculitis.

Armpit                                  NTD   600

Full Leg                                 NTD2,000

Calf                                     NTD1,200

Privates                                 NTD1,800

Groin                                   NTD1,500   

Chest Hair                             NTD   600

                                           NTD   800


(subject to availability)               

Nipples                                 NTD   200

​Nose Hair                             NTD   150

(limited to purchase)


Hot Wax Hair Removal FAQs

Does hot wax hair removal hurt?

Yes, but the degree of pain varies from person to person! The temperature of the hot wax will relax the pores first, and it will be less painful when you remove it. The first hair removal will be more painful. After frequent hair removal, the pain will become lower. Through a professional hair remover, you can reduce the pain of hot wax hair removal. It is very important to look for an experienced store with big eyes!

What is the difference between hot waxing and beeswaxing?

The biggest difference between beeswax and hot wax is cold and hot wax. Hot wax hair removal will use heated wax to loosen pores first, while beeswax belongs to cold wax and mainly relies on sticky hair removal. Therefore, beeswax hair removal is better than hot wax. The pain of hair removal is obvious, and beeswax has a strong stickiness. It is easy to stick to the skin during the process of removal, and there will be a sticky feeling after hair removal. We do not recommend beeswax hair removal.

Recommended interval for hot wax hair removal?

The hair growth cycle of different parts is different, and the recommended regular hair removal time is also different. It is recommended to remove hair every 1 month on the armpits and beards, while other parts of the hair grow slowly, such as: hands, legs, private parts On average, hair removal is done every 1.5 to 2 months. The advantage of regular hair removal is that the hair is reduced and the effect is more obvious and lasts longer.

Can Pregnant Women Do Hot Wax Hair Removal?

OK! Pregnant women only need to be five months (above 20 weeks), and the fetus is stable during the obstetric examination. Hot wax can be used for hair removal. However, if the pregnancy is unstable, there are abnormal uterine contractions, bleeding, and any pregnancy discomfort. We do not recommend that your pregnancy is stable. Hair removal again!
<Extended reading: What should pregnant women pay attention to when removing hair? Ten common problems of pregnant women's private hair removal! >

Who can't do hot wax hair removal?

If you have symptoms such as diabetes, taking antibiotics, swollen crab legs, atopic dermatitis, broad bean disease, etc., you need to consult a doctor first to see if you can remove hair before proceeding!

How soon can I have sex after hot waxing?

Although hair removal in the private area will not cause any wounds, it is still recommended to have sex with an intimate partner after 72 hours. If there is still discomfort in the private area after more than 72 hours, you can extend the observation time to be more reassuring. If you have any questions We all welcome inquiries at any time.

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